Ali curung NT

Monkey Marc, Marc Peckham and Leo Ortega spent eight weeks in Alicurung of 2014 working with young people of Alicurung making music, and films. We set up a permanent music studio which Monkey Marc taught the young men how to use. Ongoing training of the facility is going on in Alicurung with Monkey Marc and Beatrice Lewis set to return to keep the skills up to date and to create new work.

Beatrice Lewis with Music NT worked with the young women of Ali Curung to make music and to hold music and song writing sessions. 

The video below was an outcome of a process where the young men went out with select traditional owners of Ali Curung to discuss issues regarding the way the way life has changed over the generations. These ideas were then workshopped in the studio and turned into a song then this film clip. 

Keep Our Family Strong was a collaboration between Barkly Regional Council and Music NT with Beatrice Lewis and Monkey Marc, Leo Ortega Made the excellent animation with the kids of Ali Curung. 

Kids on the run is a film clip by Leo Ortega with the young people of Ali Curung the song was recorded by Monkey Marc with the young people of Ali Curung. 

The music below was recorded by Monkey Marc with the young men and Beatrice Lewis with the young women of Ali Curung. Please listen to the tracks by clicking below.