Barkly Desert Culture volume 1

by produced by Barkly Regional Council in conjunction with Monkey Marc and Beatrice Lewis and young people of the Barkly region

Barkly Desert Culture is a Youth Diversion Program ran by Barkly Regional Council in the Northern Territory. Apart of our Youth Sports and Recreation Division of the Community Services team, we offer the communities of; Ampilatwatja, Elliott, Ali Curung, Utopia and Alpurrurulam Multi Media programs. Through these programs participants aged from 14 - 30 learn skills such as music and film making, camera skills, film making and music making skills. Through the program participants learn how to preserve stories and culture through modern means learning to re connect with culture. 

Monkey Marc; Marc Peckham and Beatrice Lewis were employed to work with the young men and women in the communities of; Ampilatwtaja, Elliott Alicurung and Utopia to teach the young people music. Leo Ortega and Sean Spencer worked with the communities to create film clips of the songs.